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Martin 162A Tadpole Clipper
A piloted, three-eighths scale model of PBM flying boat; single-seat test aircraft built to generate aerodynamic data to design and build full-scale Martin PBM flying boat.
The construction was fabric-covered spruce plywood and aluminum.
In 1987, a dedicated and enthusiastic team of volunteers, many of whom were former Martin employees, began an exhaustive restoration of the 162A. After more than 10,000 man-hours of labor, the 162 was ready for display while on loan to the Museum of Industry in Baltimore, not far from where the "Tadpole Clipper" had been built and flown. Portions of the rear fuselage under-surface were left uncovered to illustrate some of the modifications made in the 162A's hull during the course of its testing.
Wingspan: 43ft 5 5/8in / 13.25m
Length: 28ft 6 1/8in / 8.69m
Height: 12ft 1/8in / 3.66m
Weight: 2819.7 lb / 1279 kg
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