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Levasseur Antoinette
Antoinette IV / VI / VII / VIII




Designer Leon Levavasseur produce the first Antoinette (model IV) in 1908. The Antoinette IV was a single-engine one-seat monoplane with aft-mounted aileron surfaces. It was first flown at Issy on 9 October 1908 but was not demonstrated to the public until early 1909. English pilot Herbert Latham made a number of test flights with the type IV and attempted a Chsnnel crossing on 19 July 1909 but landed in the sea.
Several records were flown, like the first German cross country and the first time at 1000m height.
Antoinette IV
The Antoinette V, first flown on 20 December 1908, was a variant of Antoinette IV with wing warping instead of ailerons.
The 1909 Antoinette VI was similar to the Type IV & V but with true ailerons (later converted to wing warping).
Antoinette VI
Latham flew the improved Type VII in July 1909. This featured a warping wing control system, larger engine, and other minor changes.
Latham’s “Antoinette”
In 1910 it too landed in the sea one mile short of the English coastline.
Latham’s Fall into the Channel
Antoinette VII
In 1910 Latham built his own Type VII using original Antoinette plans and it was flown regularly for several years in his experiments with monoplane designs.
Latham Antoinette VII


Küller’s Antoinette VII
Gijs Küller flew an Antoinette VII with an 50 hp E.N.V. engine at the 1910 Rouen meeting.
Küller’s Antoinette VII


Antoinette VIII
The 1909 Antoinette VIII monoplane was similar to the previous types but the wing span was 46 feet.


Hants & Sussex Aviation Antoinette



Engine One 50 hp Antoinette.
Length 37 ft. (11.5m)
Wing span 42 ft (12.8m)
Weight empty 992 lb (450 kg)
Seats: 1.
Speed: 43 mph (70 kph)
Range 96 miles (155 km)


Latham Type VII
Engine: Antoinette V-8, 50 hp
Wingspan: 42 ft
Length: 37 ft 8 in
All up weight: 1300 lb
Max speed: 44 mph




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