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Lockheed Brothers Uni-twin / Olympic Duo-4
Alcor Duo-6


Lockheed Alcorc 6 1


The Lockheed Brothers left the Company after the Detroit merger and set up the Airover Company, later called Alcor, to build the Uni-twin. With two Menasco engines side-by-side in the nose, driving two propellers. The name of the company was changed to Lockheed Vega when it became a subsidiary of the revived parent organization.
With Allan H. Lockheed as president, built a new version of his Duo twin-engined monoplane. Type was called Alcor Duo-6 and was distinctive in having two Menasco engines placed horizontally. Though Alcor conformed with Lockheed "star names" system and development was pursued in 1930s, no production resulted. Alcor was not a Lockheed Aircraft Corporation product.




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