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More known for his carriages, automobiles and racers, and motors, Velie (grandson of John Deere) also capitalized and manufactured the initial 55-65hp Monocoupe aircraft upon acquisition of controlling interest in Central States Aircraft Co in 1927, hence early popular reference to "Velie Monocoupes" signifying not only the powerplant but the constructor.
Mono production
When Velie died of an embolism in Oct 1928, his son took the reins but he, too, suffered a heart attack in Mar 1929 and Don Luscombe took over.
Don A. Luscombe's first aircraft, the Monocoupe, was built by the Central States Aero Company of Davenport, Ohio. It was a small two-seat sporting monoplane known as the Central States Monocoupe. Powered by a 70 hp engine, it was reputedly able to become airborne within five seconds of starting its take-off run.


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