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Max Holste M.H.1521 Broussard


First flown on November 17, 1952, and originally intended as a liaison and ambulance plane, the Broussard saw service in the French attempt to suppress the rebellion in Algeria.


F-GHGB Max Holste MH.1521 M Broussard 256


The French Holste M.H.1521M Broussard (Bushman) was primarily used by all the French armed services. Two hundred and thirty were built from 1953 until 1961, with many eventually serving with the air wings of former French colonies. It carried five passengers, two stretchers, or about a tonne of cargo at its military overload weight of 2,714 kg. Powered by the 450-bhp Pratt & Whitney R985, its economical cruise speed was 120 knots.





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