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McDonnell F3H Demon



The prototype of the Demon naval fighter first flew on 7 August 1951 but proved to have poor stability, poor forward visibility and a low roll rate. These faults were corrected on the initial production model, but the poor reliability and performance of the J40 engine meant that most of the 58 built never flew.
The airframe had mid-set wings, swept-back at 45 degrees, swept-back tail surfaces and one-piece all-moving tailplane. The wings were fitted with leading edge slats and trailing edge slotted flaps. Airbrakes were in the upper surface of each wing root trailing edge and on the sides of the rear fuselage. The outer wings fold upward for storage. In-flight fuelling is fitted.
The tricycle undercarriage had a single wheel on each unit, the mains retracting inwards into the wings, and the nose wheel retracting rearward.
By June 1955 the F3H‑2 had been produced with the Allison J71 engine, which still gave limited power. A modified afterburner system gave power in the range needed to make safe carrier landings.




They served with the US Navy in three versions – F3H-2N all-weather fighter, F3H-2M missile-armed day fighter, and F3H-2P for photo-reconnaissance.
The first naval fighter to be armed with guided missiles was the F3H-­2M.
A total of 519 Demons were built.


McDonnell F3H-1N Demon




F3H-2 Demon
Engine: 1 x Allison J71-A-2E turbo-jet, 62.23kN / 14,250 lb with afterburner
Wingspan: 10.77 m / 35 ft 4 in
Wing area: 48.22 sq.m / 519.04 sq ft
Length: 17.96 m / 58 ft 11 in
Height: 4.44 m / 14 ft 7 in
Max take-off weight: 15377 kg / 33901 lb
Empty weight: 10039 kg / 22132 lb
Max speed: 730 mph at SL
Max ROC: 12,800 fpm
Service ceiling: 13000 m / 42650 ft
Range w/max.fuel: 2205 km / 1370 miles
Armament: 4 x 20mm cannons, 2722kg of weapons
Crew: 1

F3H-1N Demon
Carrier-based day and night fighter
Engine: Westinghouse J40-WE-22 turbojet, 7,500 lb with afterburner
Wingspan: 35 ft. 4 in
Length: 59 ft
Loaded weight: about 23,370 lb
Max speed: over 750 m.p.h.
Ceiling: 45,000 ft.
Range: about 2,000 miles.
Armament: 4x20 mm. cannon
Crew: 1


Engine: Allison J71-A-2 turbojet, with afterburner, 9,700 lb. thrust


McDonnell F3H Demon


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