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McDonnell XF-88


Designed to meet a requirement for a single-seat long-range escort fighter, the XF-88 was recipient of a contract for two prototypes on 14 February 1947. Powered by two 3,000 lb st (1361 kgp) Westinghouse XJ34-WE-13 turbojets, the first XF-88 was flown on 20 October 1948, but proved seriously underpowered. The second XF-88 was therefore fitted with two XJ34-WE-22 engines fitted with short afterburners which boosted thrust to 3,600 lb st (1 633 kgp), a change in designation to XF-88A accompanying this modification.




Performance was still insufficient, but the XF-88 was con-sidered by the USAF to possess development potential and a Letter of Intent was issued covering further evolution of the basic design into what was eventually to become the F-101 Voodoo.


The first prototype was then recast as the XF-88B testbed for the Allison XT38 turboprop, with which it undertook many flights from April 1953 with 27 different propellers featuring varying numbers of blades in diameters between 4 and 10 ft (1.2 and 3.05 m). The XF-88s airframe then went forward to provide the structural and aerodynamic basis for the F-101 interceptor and reconnaissance fighter.

Only the two were built.




Engines: 2 x Westinghouse J34-WE-13 turbojets, 3000-lb (1361-kg) thrust
Max speed, 641 mph (1 032 km/h) at sea level
Time to 35,000 ft (10 670 m), 14.5 min
Range, 1,737 mls (2 795 km)
Empty weight, 12,140 lb (5 507 kg)
Normal loaded weight, 18,500 lb (8 391 kg)
Span, 39 ft 8 in (12,09 m)
Length, 54 ft 1.5 in (16,50 m)
Height, 17 ft 3 in (5,26 m)
Wing area, 350 sq ft (32,52 sq.m)

McDonnell XF-88



McDonnell XF-88B


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