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McDonnell XP-67


On 29 July 1941 the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation received a contract for two prototype of a long-range single-seat fighter designated XP-67. The design embodied several innovatory features, not least was an attempt to maintain true aerofoil sections throughout the entire fighter, the centre fuselage and thc rear portions of the engine nacelles merging to give the aircraft a unique appearance. The two 1,350 hp Continental XI-1430 12-cylinder inverted-vee engines were fitted with General Electric D-23 turbo-superchargers and featured exhaust thrust augmenta-tion. The cabin was pressurised and proposed armament comprised six 37-mm M-4 cannon. The first XP-67 was flown on 6 January 1944, and flight trials continued until 6 September 1944, when the prototype suffered irreparable fire damage. This accident and the unsatisfactory nature of certain aspects of the fighter’s performance led to the decision to abandon the second prototype and terminate the development contract.


Engines: 2 x Continental XI-1430 12-cylinder inverted-vee engines with General Electric D-23 turbo-superchargers and exhaust thrust augmenta-tion, 1,350 hp.
Max speed, 405 mph (652 km/h) at 25,000 ft (7 620 m)
Max climb, 2,600 ft/min (13,20 m/sec)
Max range, 2,385 sm (3 838 km)
Service ceiling: 11400 m / 37400 ft
Empty weight. 17,745 lb (8 049 kg)
Normal loaded weight, 22,11l4 lb (10 031 kg)
Span, 55 ft 0in (16,76m)
Length, 44 ft 9.25 in (13,65)
Height, 15 ft 9 in (4,80 m)
Wing area, 414 sq ft (38,46 sq.m)


McDonnell XP-67


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