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Messerschmitt Bf 162


The Messerschmitt Bf162 was developed from the Bf110 Zerstorer ("Destroyer") fighter but with few common parts. It was created to meet a requirement for a Schnellbomber or fast bomber. The type first flew in 1937. Unofficially named Jaguar, only three prototypes were built before the project was abandoned when the Junkers submission, the Ju88, won the contract.

Superficially resembling the Bf 110, but with a new fuselage, incorporating a glazed nose, initially 65 aircraft were ordered in the 1937/38 programme but due to Messerschmitt committment to the Bf109 and Bf110 programmes coupled with the superiority of th Ju88 this was reduced to 5 with only 3 being completed. The first two models V1 and V2 (werke no 817 and 818 reg. D-AIXE, D-AOBE) were powered by Daimler Benz DB600D and the third model V3 (werke no 819 D-AOVI) was powered by the DB601A. The first two aircraft flew in 1937 the third on the 7th July 1938. The first aircraft (V1) was dismantled after it's initial flight trials, the second (V2) went to Rechlin and the third (V3) was used alongside the equally ill fated Me161 at Ausberg towing the Me163A.

Any parts left over including the incomplete V4 and V5 were used in Bf110 production.
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