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Messerschmitt Me-163D / Me-263
Junkers Ju.248


Me 263 V1


The Me 163D was developed with retractable tricycle undercarriage, then moved to Junkers as the Ju 248, and then renamed again Me 263. Compared with the Me 163, the Me 263 had a larger, longer fuselage, retractable wheeled landing gear, a larger fuel tank, and a new rocket engine with a 'cruise chamber'.
The V1 prototype built by Junkers was tested as a glider (after aero-towed) before being returned to Messerschmitt for powered flight trials. The aircraft flew for the first time on 31 December 1944.
Construction of two more prototypes was started but they were captured by Russian forces.
There is no evidence that the Me 263 ever made a powered flight.
Junk-Ju-248-02.jpg 27-8
Power: Walter 109-509C rocket
Fuel: T-Stoff and C-Stoff
Armament: 2 x 30mm MK.103 cannon / 150 rds
Max speed at 9840 ft: 590 mph
Climb rate: 13,800 fpm
Service ceiling: 52,500 ft approx
Endurance max pwr: 15 min
Range: 100 miles
Wingspan: 31 ft 2 in
Length: 25 ft 10.25 in
Wing area: 193 sq.ft
Empty weight: 4410 lb
Max weight: 11,687 lb




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