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Nord 260 Super

Development of a 17-seat light commuter airliner, known as the M.H.250 Super Broussard started in 1957. The prototype of the MH250, powered by two Pratt & Whitney Wasp-1830 piston engines, flew first on 20 May 1959. It was soon realised that turboprops should be employed and further development resulted in the MH260 with enlarged fuselage and powered by Turboméca Bastan turboprops. In October 1959, Avions Max Holste entered into a co-production arrangement with Nord Aviation so that the new aircraft could be manufactured. The prototype of the M.H.260, the F-WJDV, flew on 29 July 1960. Ten MH260 with its rectangular section fuselage were built by Nord Aviation as the Nord 260. In 1961 started a significant redesign of the Nord 260. This resulted in the Nord 262.

Air Inter, the French domestic airline, was expected to be the first operator of the Nord 262 pressurized version of the Nord 260, formerly known as the Super Brous-sard. Four Nord 262s were ordered by Air Inter.

Production of the Nord 260 was virtually complete in 1963, having totalled ten in addition to the prototype F-WJDV. The first eight of the production batch were registered as follows:
No. 1 F-WJSN trials aircraft
No. 2 F-BKRB Nord demonstrator
No. 3 F-BKRH Air Inter trials, 1963
No. 4 F-BKSS Air Inter trials, 1963
No. 5 LN-LMB Leased to Wideroe
No. 6 F-BLGP
No. 7 F-BLHN
No. 8 LN-LME Leased to Wideroe


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