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Partenavia P.64 Oscar
P-64B Oscar
The P.57 was successful enough to consider a re-thought version of all-metal construction, with the "P.64 Fachiro III" taking to the air for the first time on 2 April 1965. After some rethinking of the prototype design, mostly to add a rear window and a cut-down rear fuselage, it went into production as the "P.64B Oscar B" - the "Oscar" effectively meaning "Type O" - to then be renamed the "P.64B Oscar 180".
The P.64 Oscar (first flown April 1965), was also produced in South Africa under license as the RSA.200 by AFIC (Pty) Ltd.
P.64 Standard
Initial for seat basic version. Constant propeller, blind flying instrumentation, radio, VOR, ADF. Optional glassfibre wheel fairings.
P.64 Oscar Club
Fixed pitch propeller. VHF radio.
P.64 Oscar Cargo
Fixed pitch propeller, reinforced floor, wider rear door for freight.
P.64B Oscar-180 / Oscar B
Stepped down rear fuselage. Panoramic rear cabin window
Engine: Lycoming O-360-A1A, 180 hp
Wingspan: 32 ft 9.25 in / 9.99 m
Length: 23 ft 8.75 in / 7.23 m
Empty weight: 1477 lb / 670 kg
MTOW fixed pitch: 2425 lb / 1100 kg
MTOW variable pitch: 2456 lb / 1155 kg
Max cruise 75% 7000ft/2150m: 129 kt / 149 mph / 240 kph
ROC SL: 984 fpm / 300 m/min
Service ceiling: 16,400 ft / 5000 m
Endurance 75% pwr: 4 hr 30 min
Seats: 4
P.64B Oscar-200
Engine: Lycoming IO-360-A1B, 200 hp
Prop: variable pitch
AFIC RSA 200 Falcon
Stepped down rear fuselage. Panoramic rear cabin window
P-64B Oscar
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