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Papa 51 Thunder Mustang



The Thunder Mustang was originally designed by Martin Hollmann for Dan Denny in 1988. Martin later finished the design and performed the flutter analysis for high performance aircraft.
Papa 51 Inc has produced kits to build Thunder Mustang two-seat 75 percent-scale representation of P-51 fighter, first flown 1996. Papa51 Co. Ltd., the original manufacturer of the Thunder Mustang is no longer in business.

The Thunder Mustang was not in production. The Thunder Builders Group L.L.C. acquired the assets required to manufacture the Thunder Mustang through foreclosure on a loan. These assets were posted as for sale.



First flown in 1996, the two seat Thunder Mustang offers its owner a unique blend of speed, maneuverability and mystique.  Given the power to weight ratio, it outperforms the original North American P-51D fighter at a fraction of the cost.

Thunder Mustang kits are complete, containing everything from the spinner, prop and engine to the tail wheel, less your choice of instruments, avionics, paint and upholstery.  Extensive prefabrication helps reduce construction time and eliminate hassles.  The complete use of carbon fiber in the structure produces incredible strength and light weight.

The 8 foot diameter, constant-speed 4-blade prop is manufactured by MT Propellers. The gear box ratio of 2.8:1 turns the prop at 1607 RPM for the optimum ratio for the best prop efficiency and high speed with the V-12 turning 4500 RPM. The 100 lb. propeller is of composite construction utilizing a wood core, which is self-dampening and non-fatiguing. This saves weight compared to metal propellers and reduces the gyroscopic effect of the prop on takeoff.




Walter-powered Thunder Mustang


Thunder Mustang
Powerplant: Falconer V-12, 640hp
Displacement: 601 cubic inches
Propeller: MT 94" 4-blade constant speed
Length: 24.2 ft
Frontal Area: 8.1 sq. ft
Wing Span: 23.8 ft
Wing Area: 104 sq. ft
Height: 9.4 ft
Maximum Level Speed @ Sea Level: 326 kts (375 mph, 603 kph)
Cruise Speed: @ 75% Power: 300 kts (340 mph, 547 kph)
Vne (never exceed): 439 kts     
Vsl (stall, clean): 77 kts     
Vso (stall, in landing config.): 68 kts     
Range: 1300 nautical miles
Rate of Climb @ gross: 5200 ft/min
Takeoff distance: 1000 ft
Landing distance: 2500 ft
Service Ceiling: 25,000 ft.
Gross Weight: 3200 lb
Empty Weight: 2200 lb
Useful Load: 1000 lb
Payload w/full Fuel: 400 lb
Basic Fuel Capacity: 102 gallons (in wings)
Baggage Capacity: 50 lb
Wing Loading: 28.84 lbs/sq.ft
Power Loading: 4.69 lbs/hp
Design Limit Load Factor: +9g / -6g @ 2600 lb / +7.3 / -4.9 g @ 3200 lb    
Vx (best angle of climb): 87 kts
Vy (best rate of climb): 156 kts
Va (design maneuvering): 222 kts
Vfe (max flaps extended): 165 kts
Vle (max landing gear extended): 148 kts     
Best Glide: 153 kts     
Seats: 2


Engine: Falconer V-12, 640 hp
Wing span: 7.25 m
Wing area: 9.57 sq.m
MAUW: 1361 kg
Empty weight: 907 kg
Fuel capacity: 401 lt
Max speed: 603 kph
Cruise speed: 555 kph
Minimum speed: 109 kph
Climb rate: 26 m/s
Seats: 2
Kit price (1998): $195,000




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