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Parks Aircraft P-2
Detroit-Parks P-2A
Ryan Speedster




The 1929 Parks Aircraft P-2 (ATC 200) sold for $6,000. Six were built including NC902K and NC965K.
Some were repowered as P-2A. The 1929 P-2A (ATC 276) powered by a 165hp Wright J-6 sold for $6,350. Eleven were built: [NC480M, NC499H, NC502N, NC902K, NC965K, NC8487, NC8490-8492, and NC967K-968K.
Parks P-2A NC499H
The P-2A was marketed as the Detroit-Parks P-2A after merger with Detroit Corp and, later, as the Ryan Speedster.
The P-2 was also available with a 130hp Comet. (ATC 2-99) superseded by (ATC 200), including NC8487.
Engine: 150hp Axelson-Floco
Wingspan: 30'0"
Length: 22'10"
Useful load: 860 lb
Max speed: 115 mph
Cruise speed: 98 mph
Stall: 42 mph
Range: 490 mi
Seats: 3
Engine: 165hp Wright J-6
Winspan: 30'0"
Length: 23'0"
Useful load: 897 lb
Max speed: 120 mph
Cruise speed: 100 mph
Stall: 45 mph
Range: 500 mi


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