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Vought O2U Corsair / XO-28 / O24-2
Talleres Nacionales De Construcciones Aeronauticas Corsarios Azcarate O2U-2M

Vought O2U-1 A-7536
A carrier-borne reconnaissance seaplane of circa 1930. The O2U Corsair USN scout was on a single-float or wheels.
One-hundred and thirty-two of the 1927 O2U-1 were built (A7221-7222, A7567-7586, A7796-7831, and A7900-7940).
The 1927 O2U-2 was priced at $12,890 and thirty-seven were built (A8091-8127) of which six went to the USMC.
Vought O2U-2
Eighty of the 1929 O2U-3 were built (A8193-8272), including one to the Army as XO-28.
Vought O2U-3
Forty-two of the 1930 O2U-4 were built (A8315-8356) priced at $17,203-18,065.
Vought O2U-4 A-8338
Corsarios Azcarate were Mexican licence‑built Vought O2U­-2M.
One USN O2U was used for evaluation by the Army in 1929, 29-323, as the O-28 Corsair.
Vought XO-28 29-232
The O24-2 was a civil version of the O2U-1 Corsair. In 1928 one was civil licensed for F B Rentschler, pres of Pratt & Whitney Corp, NX7014. Some other ex-military noted were N61E, N111N, N367H, and N833H.


O2U Corsair
Engine: 450hp P&W R-1340B
Wing span: 34'6" Length: 24'6"
Speed: (float) 147 (wheels) 150
Ceiling: (float) 17,750' (wheels) 18,700'
Seats: 2
Engine: 450hp P&W Wasp
Wingspan: 36'0"
Length: 29'8"
Speed: 137 mph
Seats: 2



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