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Vickers 120 Vendace


Built to the requirements of Air Ministry Specification 5A/24 for a floatplane trainer, the single Vickers Type 120 Vendace Mk I was a fairly conventional folding wing equal-span biplane with tandem open cockpits, and was powered by a 205kW Rolls-Royce Falcon III engine. Tested officially in both landplane and floatplane form, it was retained for experimental purposes but no production order followed. One Type 133 Vendace Mk II with a 224kW ADC Nimbus engine was built in 1928 as a private venture and sold for aerial survey use in South America. The unusual landing gear layout of the Vickers Vendace I was the result of the ultimate objective of using the type on floats. The entire fuel supply was contained in the two streamlined tanks above the upper-wing centre-section.

Vendace I (land version)
Max take-off weight: 1576 kg / 3475 lb
Wingspan: 13.59 m / 45 ft 7 in
Max. speed: 188 km/h / 117 mph

Vickers Vendace


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