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Vickers 134 Vellore / 172 Vellore / 173 Vellore


The Vickers Type 134 Vellore Mk I was a large equal-span biplane intended as a freight carrier. Powered by a 391kW Bristol Jupiter IX radial engine, it had an open cockpit forward of the wings seating two side-by-side, with behind and below them a large cargo hold. It was then re-engined with the Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar VI in an England-Australia flight in 1929 that terminated in the aircraft being written off in a crash landing. The designation Vellore Mk II was not used, but two twin-engined versions were built as the Type 172 Vellore Mk III and Type 173 Vellore Mk IV with 391kW Bristol Jupiter XIF radials.
Final derivation of the design was the single Type 212 Vellox intended as a civil transport with cabin accommodation for a steward and 10 passengers. Powered by two 447kW Bristol Pegasus IM3 radial engines and first flown on 23 January 1934, it was acquired by Imperial Airways but used only as a freighter.

Vellore I
Max take-off weight: 4309 kg / 9500 lb
Wingspan: 23.16 m / 76 ft 0 in
Max. speed: 183 km/h / 114 mph

Vickers Vellore


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