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Vought UO Aztec




In 1922 the USN received eighteen UF-1 two-place scout-observation aircraft, A6482-6499, all re-designated to UO-1. One hundred and forty Vought UO-1 Aztec two‑seat biplane, were built from 1922, powered by 200hp Lawrance J-1 engines, as landplanes and seaplanes: A6482-6499 (converted from UF-1), A6546-6551, A6603-6615, A6706-6729, A6858-6877, A6984-7023, A7031-7050, of which one was converted by NAF to racer UO-2, and 13 to UO-5.
Vought UO-1 A-6493 hoisting aboard USS Richmond
The UO-1 model was used in trials as hook-on scout/fighters with airships.
Vought UO-1 'Skyhook' A-6615
The two 1928 UO-1C (A7007 and one other) were a wheeled trainer version for USN Reserve. Possibly other conversions as the designation was also used for planes modified for catapult launching, regardless of floats or wheels.
Vought UO-1 A-7047
Vought UO-1 Cockpit
In 1922 NAF modified, wheeled UO-1 A6546 for 1922 Curtiss Marine Trophy competition. It was damaged in ground handling and did not race.
The UO-3 was re-designated as FU-1.
Two UO-4 were built in 1935 for the USCG with a single float; 404=V104, 405=V105.
Vought UO-4
The UO-5 were modification of UO-1 with 220hp Wright R-790 engines. Thirteen were built; A6729, A6860, A6866, A6988, A6997, A6999, A7005, A7010-7012, A7016, A7035, and A7038.
Engine: 220hp Lawrance J-1
Wingspan: 26'0"
Length: 20'1"
Speed: 132 mph
Ceiling: 21,700'
Seats: 2
Engine: 200hp Lawrance J-1
Wingspan: 34'1" length: (landplane) 22'1" (seaplane) 28'6"
Speed: 122 mph
Ceiling: (landplane) 18,200' (seaplane) 16,550'
Engine: 220hp Wright R-790.
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