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Vuia No.1 Monoplane



One of the first Europeans to make a powered flight (18 March 1906) in his own aeroplane. Traian Vuia is claimed as Romania’s first aviator, although at the time of his early flights he was resident in Paris and his birthplace was then apart of the Austro-Hungarian empire. His first aeroplane, built with the assistance of Frenchman Victor Tatin, travelled no more than 78.75 ft (24 m) on its longest hop-flight, but had several novel features, including a variable- incidence wing and an undercarriage with pneumatic tyres.

Engine: modified Serpollet carbonic acid gas engine, 20 hp
Prop: 7 ft 2.5 in (2.20 m) dia two-blade
Wing span: 22 ft 11.5 in (7.00 m)
Length: 10 ft 6 in (3.20 m)
Wing area: 204.5 sq.ft. (19,00 sq.m)
Gross weight: 531 lb (241 kg)
Seats: 1


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