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Vultee V-1


Vultee V-1 Prototype NX12293
The 1933 Vultee V-1 was designed by Gerard Vultee and Vance Breese as an eight-passenger monoplane. Built in backer E L Cord's Glendale hangar, it is sometimes seen as Cord-Vultee V-1, the prototype first flew on 19 February 1933, piloted by Marshall Headle.
Vultee V-1 Prototype NX12293
Sixteen V1-A and V1-AD were built as V1A-A from 1934 (ATC 545) priced at $35,000; NC4249, NC13764-NC13774, NC16000, NC16099, NC17326, and C-FAWQ, included 10 to American Airlines, and 8 as six-place V-1AD "deluxe" executive models with 850hp SR-1820-G2 engines (NC14248 - NC14256).
Vultee V-1A NC14251
NC16099 was repowered with a 1000hp SR-1820-G5 as the six-place V-1AD Special for Hearst newspapers. NC13770 was used in setting a transcontinental speed record on 1/14-15 January 1935, piloted by James Doolittle, and a record first round-trip transatlantic flight was made in September 1936 as Lady Peace, piloted by Dick Merrill.
Vultee V-1A NC16099
Fifteen V-1As were acquired from American Airlines and others in 1937 and went to Spain where they were converted as bombers and recon aircraft.



The first product of Vultee Aircraft Inc was the V-1 eight-passenger monoplane, but became better known for its military aircraft.


Vultee V-1A American Airlines
The 1936 V-1AS Special (ATC 2-539) was a twin-EDO float version built for the Soviet government for a 10,000-mile Santa Monica-Moscow flight, via Alaska and Siberia, in Aug-Sep 1936. Registered URSS-N208, the aircraft was piloted by Sigismund Levanevski and Victor Levchenko. It featured added fuel tanks in the cabin, enlarged tail group, and special cold-weather cowl. Additionally, manufacturing rights were sold to the USSR in October 1936, but none were produced there.
Vultee V-1AS URSS-N208



Engine: Wright R-1820-F52, 775hp and SR-1820-G2, 850hp
Wingspan: 48'0"
Length: 35'6"
Seats: 2
Engine: Wright R-1820-F2 Cyclone F2, 735hp
Wingspan: 50'0"
Length: 37'0"
Useful load: 3168 lb
Max speed: 235 mph
Cruise: 215 mph
Stall: 65 mph
Range: 1000 mi
Ceiling: 20,000 ft
Seats: 8-9
V1-AD deluxe
Engine: Wright SR-1820-G2, 850hp
Wingspan: 50'0"
Length: 37'0"
Seats: 6
V-1AD Special
Engine: Wright: SR-1820-G5,1000hp
Wingspan: 50'0"
Length: 37'0"
Max speed: 266 mph
Cruise: 219 mph
Stall: 65 mph
Range: 950 mi
Ceiling: 31,000 ft










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