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Vultee V-48 Vanguard / P-61 Vanguard / P-66

Vultee V-61 Prototype NX21755
The Vultee P-66, P-48, V-48/-61 Vanguard (Models 48, 61) incorporated design elements from the Hughes H-1 racer and detachable outer wing panels for storage.
Vultee V-61 Prototype NX21755
Designed by Dick Palmer as a company demonstrator, the V-48 NX21755 c/n 142 first flew on 9 September 1939, piloted by Vance Breese. The V-48 was powered by a P&W R-1830-S Twin Wasp with an extended propshaft in an elongated low-drag cowling. The original proposal included two rear-firing guns aimed with mirrors. The prototype, NX21755 c/n 142, was later re-designated V-61, then P-48X.
The 1940 P-48X was a redesign of the V-61 with a conventional R-1830-S1 engine because of cooling problems. First flown on 11 February 1940, piloted by Vance Breese, and it crash-landed on May 9 after colliding with a camera plane.
Vultee P-48X NX21755
The 1940 V-48C was the V48-X rebuilt and repowered with a R-1830-S2 engine for export to Sweden’s Flygvapen as the J.10. First flown on 6 September 1940, it was re-registered NX19999 c/n 501, and followed by one production prototype, NX28300 c/n 502.
Vultee V-48C / P-48C NX28300
One-hundred and forty-four were built for Sweden (42-6832 to 42-6975), but diverted to the RCAF, who in turn released 129 of them after the outbreak of WW2 as Lend-Lease to China as P-66, and so marked with US insignia. Of the total about 50 were impressed for Army stateside assignment, and 12 transferred to 23 Fighter Group in China.
Vultee P-66
Engine: P&W R-1830-S Twin Wasp
Wingspan: 35'10"
Length: 28'5"
Useful load: 2165 lb
Speed: 340 mph
Range: 850 mi
Seats: 1




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