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Vultee V-72 Vengence / A-33 / A-35

Vultee V-85 First prototype
The Vultee A-31 Vengeance dive-bomber was designed led by Richard Palmer to meet French air force requirements.
The RA-31 (Model V-72) export model (as prototype V-85) first flew on 30 March 1941 piloted by Vance Breese. There was a second prototype with twin tails, but pilot Vance Breese refused to fly after finding dangerous tendencies during taxi tests, and it was quickly modified with a single tail. It first flew (as Vengeance I) on 30 November 1941, piloted by Moye Stephens.
400 went to the RAF as Vengeance I/IA, subcontracted to Northrop Corp for production during 1941-42, of which 99 went to the RAAF, plus 300 to the USAAF as RA-31 in a special Restricted classification (41-30848 – 41-31047, and 41-31048 – 41-31147), the last batch of 100 built by Northrop; 300 to RAF as Vengeance II, plus 243 to USAAF with type re-designation as model 85 in 1942; 100 as Vengeance III, becoming Army A-31C, with subsequent production as A-35.
Vultee RA-31
The 1942 V-86 was a single place version of the A-31.
The XA-31A Model 85 of 1942 (42-35824) was a test-bed for the 3000hp P&W XR-4360 engine. It was re-designated XA-31B Model 86 for flight tests.
The A-31C of 1942 was t first production of the Vengeance III. One hundred were built; 41-30148 – 41-31147.
The XA-31C of 1942 was a test-bed for the 2200hp Wright R-3350 engine.
Five YA-31C were built in 1942 and went to Wright Field for testing of four-bladed props in the B-29 development program.
The A-35 Vengeance (Model 88) were A-31 for the USAAF, with similar data, but improved armament.
Vultee A-35A 41-31166
The 1942 A-35A were the second production of Vengeance III. Ninety-nine were built; 41-31148 – 42-31246.
781 A-35B of 1942 were built; 41-31247 – 41-31447, 42-94149 – 42-94548, and 42-101236 – 42-101465. Contradicting factory records show 831 A-35Bs built, with 562 going to the RAF and RAAF as Vengeance IV, and 29 to Brazil AF. (67 A-35A and -35B were supplied to the Free French, but it is unclear whether these were culled or a separate production.)
Vultee A-35B
All models were powered by Wright R-2600 Cyclone engine.
V-72 A-31 Vengeance
Engine: 1600hp Wright GR-2600A
Wingspan: 48'0"
Length: 39'9"
Useful load: 3215 lb
Max speed: 275 mph
Cruise: 235 mph
Stall: 80 mph
Range: 500 mi
Ceiling: 22,300 ft
Seats: 2
A-35B / Vengeance IV
Engine: 1700hp R-2600
Wingspan: 48'0"
Length: 39'9"
Max speed: 279 mph
Cruise: 230 mph
Stall: 84 mph
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