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Viper Aircraft Co ViperJet
The Scott brothers and Dan Hanchette created the Viper Aircraft Company in 1995.
The ViperJet was the first two seater jet on the kit market in the USA. Originally designed to be equipped with a Continental TS10 520 engine with a 5-blade fan, the Mark I has a Turbomeca Marbore II or IV.
First flight with a Marbore VI was planned for October 1999.
The Marbore was to be eventually replaced by a General Electric J85 (military version of the CJ-610 of the Learjet 23) to give the Viper Mk II.
Viper Mk.II
Engine: Marbore VI, 1100 lb
MAUW: 3500 lb
Take-off SL (No flap): 2526 ft
Take-Off SL (10 deg.Flap): 1804 ft
Landing SL (Full Flap): 2624 ft
Max.Speed @ SL TAS: 370 mph
Max.Speed @ 10,000' TAS: 391 mph
Max.Speed @ 15,000' TAS: 404 mph
Max.Speed @ 25,000' TAS: 416 mph
Max.Rate.Climb @ SL/260 mph: 4400 fpm
Seat: 2
Engine: Marbore II, 880 lb
MAUW: 3500 lb
Take-off SL (No flap): 3516 ft
Take-Off SL (10 deg.Flap): 2418 ft
Landing SL (Full Flap): 2624 ft
Max.Speed @ SL TAS: 331 mph
Max.Speed @ 10,000' TAS: 353 mph
Max.Speed @ 15,000' TAS: 357 mph
Max.Speed @ 25,000' TAS: 370 mph
Max.Rate.Climb @ SL/260 mph: 3100 fpm
Seat: 2
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