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Varga Káplár

Varga "Káplár" was designed in the 1930's by a team of engineers led by Laszlo Varga. Not departing from the general principles of the time the plane was a parasol monoplane with a double-open cockpit and Hirth HM-504\A2 engine. The aircraft to be used as a liaison and training.
The first flight of the prototype Varga "Kaplar" made in 1940.
The Hungarian Air Force have expressed some interest in "Kaplar", ordering a trial batch of aircraft to conduct evaluation tests. The contract for the construction of these machines were given to Aero-Ever and Szekesfehevar-Sosto, for four aircraft. Szekesfehevar-Sosto aircraft were designated "Kaplar I" and received a registrations I.301 - I.302. The remaining three aircraft - I.303, I.304 and I.305, are called "Káplár II".
In general, this were simple enough to use, but the performance characteristics were not up to par. In the end, the Hungarian Air Force opted for serial production of Fabian "Levente", which served until 1945. Although officially "Káplár" were not taken during the war, they were used for some time for auxiliary purposes.
Engine: Hirth HM-504 \ A2
Wingspan: 10.51 m
Length: 6.8 m
Height: 2.5 m
Maximum speed: 180 km \ h
Crew: 2
Armament: none
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