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Waterhouse & Royer Aircraft Roamair / Romair
McDaneld Roamair / Romair
Waterhouse Roamair NC990
Designed by William Waterhouse and Lloyd Royer, the 1925 Roamair / Romair 2-3 place open cockpit biplane was built with various engines.
Both spellings were chosen, but Royer's steadfast claim of "Romair" is tempered by some photos showing "Roamair" on the tail.
Waterhouse Roamair N2910
Five were built:
NC990 c/n 18 with Wright J-5, to Pacific Coast Air Service, rebuilt in 1931 as a crop duster with 220hp Wright J-6, and re-registered NR12785
c/n 50 NR1637 with 160hp Curtiss C-6, also used as a crop duster
N2537 with 90hp Curtiss OX-5 in 1926, rebuilt in 1929 with 150hp Hisso as N4867
N2910 with 140hp Bailey Bulls-Eye, also for PAT
N3663 (possibly c/n 1) with 150hp Curtiss K-6, planned for 1928 Nationals cross-country race, but was damaged in a hard landing, possibly rebuilt in 1928 as NX7641 with 150hp Hisso.
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