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Wright-Martin R
Martin R
Wright-Martin R AS523
The two-place Wright-Martin R was built in 1917 as a landplane and a single pontoon floatplane. The land version was used briefly in the Mexican Border campaign, and seaplanes went to the Philippines.
Fourteen were built (AS108 and 109, and AS522-533) but some records show the total as 27, which might indicate prior production of 13 by Martin in 1916, before the merger.
Some versions had diagonal end-struts replacing the wire bracing.
Engine: Hall-Scott A-5a, 150hp
Wingspan: 39'9"
Length: 26'7"
Speed: 93 mph
Seats: 2
Engine: Hall-Scott A-5a, 150hp
Wingspan: 50'7"
Length: 27'2"
Speed: 86 mph
Seats: 2
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