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Frank Van Dersarl was born August 13, 1895 in Denver. He flew a Bleriot airplane on August 10, 1911 at Sable Airstrip located in Aurora at the junction of Sable Blvd. and the Union Pacific railroad tracks. It was a favored location for early flyers and auto racers. This aircraft was assembled by Frank and his brothers, John and Jules, using plans purchased in France from Bleriot. They were 10 and 12 years old at the time. He also flew a glider, which was built at the age of 12 from a booklet ordered from a London company. It crashed on its first flight.
Pioneer aviator Harry Combs (1913-2003), with only 30 hours of flying under his belt, at the age of 16, decided to build his own aeroplane. With the help of Frank Van Dersarl they completed the construction of a sport bi-plane called the VAMP Bat in 1929. The VAMP Bat had a short life, after flying to Pueblo, Combs lost control of the aircraft on the runway, there were no brakes and only a tailskid, caught in high winds the aircraft flipped on its back. Combs said 'I was hanging upside down inches from the ground. It busted up. I should have known that when you don't have brakes you have to stay on the grass'.
VAMP Bat engine
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