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Vance Flying Wing / Viking Cargo Plane
Vance Flying Wing Race NR12700
The 1932 Flying Wing, or Viking Cargo Plane, NR12700 was designed by Charles Rocheville and Clare Vance. A flying wing design with twin booms and twin tails, fuel (1200 USgallons) and cargo were carried in the wing.
Its extent in competition is unclear, but is seen in some photos wearing race numbers. Also unresolved is the name "Mason Meteor" on its cowling in the lower picture—possibly Monty Mason was pilot, which would clear up some of the confusion with Mason Greater Meteor type.
Vance Flying Wing Mason Meteor NR12700

The Flying Wing transport was flown in the 1932 Bendix Air Race by Clare Vance from Union Air Terminal (Burbank CA). Winners were Jimmy Haizlip, Roscoe Turner and Lee Gehlback. Wings Feb 2000 shows the flying wing, but IDs it as Vance Viking (NR12700), stating Clyde Pangborn used this plane to better his 41-hour west-to-east flight (in Miss Veedol) and planned to make a global flight in it. It is possible the Flying Wing Transport was race #61 and later became the Viking. They both have the same tail number.
Vance Viking NR12700
Flying Wing / Viking Cargo Plane
Engine: P&W R-1340 Wasp, 660hp
Wingspan: 55'0"
Length: 30'0"
Useful load: 2000 lb
Max speed: 185 mph
Cruise speed: 165 mph
Range: 7200 mi
Seats: 1
No built: 1 – NR12700
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