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Vance V-S-1 Baby Lark
The 1929 Vance V-S-1 Baby Lark was a single place, open cockpit biplane powered by a 27hp Kemp-Henderson. All-wood with fabric-covered wings, it was priced at $935, oe $1,180 with a 40hp Szekely engine.
Advertisements appear for a home-builders' Vance project as either biplane or monoplane, with a complete kit offered for $180 less motor and dope, which is most likely a version of this model. It is unknown is if any were ever built and flown, but ads like these, catering to the flying craze of the late 1920s, were common in periodicals.
Engine: 27hp Kemp-Henderson
Wingspan: (upper) 20'0" (lower) 21'10"
Length: 14'6"
Useful load: 250 lb
Max speed: 85 mph
Cruise speed: 70 mph
Stall: 24 mph
Range: 350 mi
Seats: 1
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