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Volante Aircraft Co Volante
The ultimate goal of the Volante flying car program was to prove to the aviation community and to the public, by actual demonstration, that the flying car, properly designed, can bring revolutionary new capabilities to a transportation system.
The conversion process, aircraft to car and trailer and back, be very simply carried out in a very short time. They set 10 to 12 minutes as a goal. All flying cars require some conversion, and 12 minutes is a good trade for a lightweight, unencumbered car.
Engine: 180 hp
Wingspan: 27 ft
Length: 20 ft
Height: 7 ft
Empty weight: 1300 lb
Gross weight: 2000 lb
Baggage: 7.6 cu.ft
Cruise speed: 157 mph
Stall: 65 mph
Max range: 650 mi
TO dist: 700 ft
Width: 5 ft 6 in
Height: 4 ft
Length: 13 ft 5 in
Empty weight: 640 lb
Gross weight: 1200 lb
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