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Verville AT Sportsman / AT-4 Sportsman / LT Sportsman
White Aircraft Co AT Sportsman
Verville AT NC450M
The 1930 AT Sportsman (ATC 323) was priced at $5,250. Eleven were built; NC450M-459M c/ns 1-5, 7-10; NC456M c/n 27 wasn't licensed until 10 June 1931; NC476Y c/n 14; c/n 7 became c/n 27, c/n11 became c/n 20, c/ns 12 and 15/18 were not used, c/n 19 went to the LT.
Basic color scheme for ATs was green/orange for c/ns 1/3, black/orange for c/ns 4 and 27, blue/orange for c/ns 5/6, 8/10, and 19; c/n 13 as described below, others unrecorded. [NC476Y] was customized for Col Robert R McCormick with enlarged cockpits (McCormick weighed 225# stripped), and the ability of plane to be started and flown from both cockpits; special paint scheme: jet black wing and chassis struts; army yellow wings and tail surface; berry red (artillery red) fuselage; silver louvers.
The AT Sportsman design and production rights were sold to White Aircraft Co in 1939.

The sole AT-4 Sportsman of 1930 was for NACA testing. Registered NS478Y c/n 13, it had a modified wide landing gear with added fittings with structural bearing for EDO pontoons, which may or may not have been used, and steel interplane struts. Colors: Blue fuselage, silver wings, yellow stripe.
Verville AT-4 NS478Y

The single LT Sportsman of 1931 was an AT fitted with a 210hp Lycoming R-680 for Lycoming Mfg Co, Williamsport PA. It was registered NX10898 c/n 19.
Verville AT NC450M
AT Sportsman
Engine: 165hp Continental A-70
Wingspan: 31'0"
Length: 24'3"
Useful load: 678 lb
Max speed: 120 mph
Cruise speed: 100 mph
Stall: 50 mph
Range: 370 mi
Seats: 2
LT Sportsman
Engine: 210hp Lycoming R-680
Wingspan: 31'0"
Length: 24'3"
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