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 Volmer VJ-21 Jaybird
The Jarvis Jaybird design was acquired by Volmer Jensen as homebuilt project soon after World War II and became the VJ-21 Jaybird with retractable wheels and 75hp Continental A75 engine.
The 1947 Volmer Jaybird all-metal evolution features a pod nacelle with a pusher engine and has monowheel gear with outriggers on the wings. Reportedly more than 900 plans sold to builders through the 1960s.
A later owner (ca.1960) put a 125hp Continental C125 in, repositioned wings slightly lower and added small auxiliary fins.
VJ-21 Jaybird
Engine: 75hp Continental A-75
Wingspan: 45'0"
Length: 24'0"
Useful load: 500 lb
Max speed: 135 mph
Cruise speed: 110 mph
Stall: 35 mph
Range: 400 mi
Take-off run: 50'
Landing run: 150'
Seats: 2
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