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 Vought O3U / SU / V-65 / V-66


Vought O3U-1 A-8856
The Vought O3U was a two-place scout for the US Navy and US Marine Corp. The O3U operated on wheels and amphibious floats, and later became the SBU series.
Ninety-seven of the 1930 O3U-1 were built (A8547-8582, A8810-8839, and A8851-8871). They were priced at $10,607-12,653.
Vought O3U-1
Fifteen of the 1930 O3U-2 were built, priced at $14,500.
Vought O3U-2
Seventy-five of the 1933 O3U-3 were built (A9142-9169, and 9283-93300), the last one modified as the XO3U-6.
Vought O3U-3 9300
Sixty-five of the 1932 O3U-4 (A9077-9141) priced at $13,500-14,000. They became the SU model.
Vought O3U-4

One O3U-4, A9078, was modified as XO3U-5 in 1934.
In 1934 O3U-3 9729 was modified to become the O3U-6 prototype.
Vought XO3U-6 9729
Thirty-one of the 1935 O3U-6 were built (9729-9744 and 0001-0016), the last one, 0016, temporarily as XOSU-1 scout version for testing. It later reverted to O3U-6.
Vought O3U-6 9739
The SU re-designated from O3U was two seat and powered by a 600hp P&W R-1690C.
Vought SU-1 A-9065
Twenty-eight SU-1 were built in 1933: A8872-8875, A8928-8937, and A9062-9076.
Fifty-three SU-2 were built in 1933; A9077, A9079-9108, and A9110-9121.
Vought SU-2 A-9095
Twenty SU-3 were built in 1933; A9122-9141.
Vought SU-3 A-9123
The one example of the XSU-4, A9109, was built in 1934.
Vought SU-4 9430

Forty SU-4 were built in 1934; 9379-9398, 9414-9433.


The 1933 V-65 and V-66 Corsair were export version of the SU-2.
V-65: 35 to Brazil, 46 to China, 12 to Argentina;
V-66: 8 to Brazil, 1 to Argentina, 1 to Britain.
Vought V-65 Cockpit




Engine: P&W R-1340, 450hp
Wingspan: 36'0"
Length: 26'1"
Speed: 141 mph
Ceiling: 16,100'
Seats: 2
Undercarriage: wheels
Engine: P&W R-1340, 450hp
Wingspan: 36'0"
Length: 26'1"
Speed: 137 mph
Ceiling: 15,000'
Seats: 2
Undercarriage: single-float
Engine: P&W R-1340, 450hp
Wingspan: 36'0"
Length: 26'1"
Speed: 132 mph
Ceiling: 15,000'
Seats: 2
Undercarriage: Amphibious


Engine: 600hp P&W R-1690C
Wingspan: 36'0"
Length: 26'3"
Speed: 170 mph
Ceiling: 19,900'
Seats: 2
Engine: 600hp P&W R-1690C
Length: 27'11"
Speed: 168 mph
Ceiling: 18,600'



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