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Viking Flying Boat Co V-2
Viking V-2 Ex-Schreck 17-HT-4 NC792K
The 1930 Viking V-2 was based on the Schreck Hydroavions FBA-17HT-4 designed by Louis Schreck in France.
One prototype was built, N37V, and ATC2-113 covered three French-built Schreck 17-HT-4 with 180hp Hisso E pusher, NC136N, NC519M, and NC792K, an ATC 2-168 for NC136N modified as a two-seater. They were priced at $15,000.
Engine: 225hp Wright R-760
Wingspan: 42'3"
Length: 29'4"
Useful load: 1250 lb
Max speed: 105 mph
Cruise: 90 mph
Stall: 46 mph
Range: 380 mi
Seats: 4
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