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Vought VE-7 Bluebird
Lewis & Vought VE-7
Vought VE-7 Bluebird
The two-place Lewis & Vought VE-7 Bluebird of 1917 was advertised post-WW1 as a sport and training plane. One prototype was built. The wings and tail of the prototype were located in a hangar after WW2, and rebuilt into Waterman Pusher).
Vought VE-7
The VE-7 was built in 1918 (The first production aircraft of Chance Vought) as an advanced military trainer, observer, and fighter. Fourteen went to the USAS including AS19898-19902 and AS40072 (One of two known to have been built at McCook Field). Reportedly four more were built by Springfield Co and possibly never assigned s/ns.) There were conversions to VE-7G, 7GS, and -7S.
The USN received twenty VE-7, A5661-5680, plus 39 built by NAF, A5942-5969, A5971, and A6011-6020.
Vought VE-7 Instrument panel
Forty of the 1921 VE-7F were built, A5912-5941, and A6021-6030, plus 29, A5943-5971, by NAF. They were powered by 180hp Wright E-3 engines.
In 1921 twenty-three VE-7, A5681-5700 were converted to VE-7G by NAF with 180hp Hispano E engines and one was modified, A5685, as a VE-7GF.
Vought VE-7G A-5692
NAF built nine VE-7H, A6436/6444, with 180hp Hispano E engines for the USN in 1924.
In 1925 forty VE-7S were built for the AAF plus eleven to the USN, A5942 and A6011-6020, as VE-7SF, and one, A5680, as VE-7S converted from a VE-7 by NAF.
Vought VE-7S mod from -7
A VE-7 was the first aircraft to fly from an aircraft carrier.
A scratch-built replica of the Bluebird was completed in early 2007 by volunteers of the Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation.
VE-7 Bluebird prototype
Engine: 150hp Wright-Hispano A
Wingspan: 34'2"
Length: 24'6"
Useful load: 536 lb
Speed: 114 mph
Seats: 2
Engine: 180hp Wright E-3
Wingspan: 34'1"
Length: 24'5"
Speed: 119 mph
Ceiling: 19,200'
Engine: 180hp Hispano E
Engine: 180hp Hispano E
Engine: 180hp Hispano E
Length: 31'1"
Speed: 110 mph
Ceiling: 14,800'
Engine: 180hp Hispano E
Length: 24'5"
Speed: 117 mph
Range: 290 mi
Ceiling: 15,000'
Seats: 1
Engine: 180hp Hispano E
Length: 24'5"
Speed: 117 mph
Range: 290 mi
Ceiling: 15,000'
Seats: 1
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