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Vought VE-9
Vought VE-9 Floatplane
In 1921 Vought built two VE-9, AS64310 and AS64316, for the Army. They were effectively VE-7 with a 180hp Wright E-3 engine.
Vought VE-9 On wheels
In 1927 twenty-two were built foe the Army, 22-379 – 22-400, and seventeen to the USN, A6465-6481. The Army used same designation as USN.
Four VE-9H were built in 1927 for the USN, A6461-6464.
The VE-9W was cancelled.
1921 VE-9
Engine: 180hp Wright E-3
1927 VE-9
Wingspan: 34'2"
Length: 24'2"
Useful load: 536 lb
Speed: 119 mph
Ceiling: 18,840'
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