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Vought SBU / V-142
Vought XSBU-1 9746
The Vought SBU was a scouting design modified from a two-place fighter. Exports to Argentina were designated V-142. The 1934 XSBU-1 prototype 9746 was rebuilt and modified from an XF3U-1.
Eighty-four SBU-1 were built in 1935: 9750-9833.
Vought SBU-1
Forty SBU-2 built in 1937 featured a modified engine; 0802-0841.
Vought SBU-2
SBU / V-142
Engine: 700hp P&W R-1535
Wingspan: 33'3"
Length: 27'10"
Useful load: 1739 lb
Max speed: 208 mph
Stall: 65 mph
Range: 902 mi
Ceiling: 24,400'
Seats: 2
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