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  Vashon Aircraft Ranger
Vashon Aircraft’s first airplane, the Ranger, is a high-wing LSA category aircraft. Ken Krueger, who spent many years designing airplanes for Van’s Aircraft, is Vashon’s design engineer.
At the Woodinville factory, co-located with Dynon in an industrial park, Vashon produces structural components and puts fuselages and wings together. The parts are then transported to a hangar at the Paine Field Airport (KPAE) in Everett, where final assembly takes place down the street from Boeing’s massive facility.
Vashon turned to a local vinyl-wrap supplier, Wicked Wraps. In addition to being lighter, the wrap allows for cool designs to be applied to the fuselage that would be cost prohibitive if done in paint.
The Ranger has a beefy landing gear, strong enough for the rigors of the training environment, with 6.00-6-size wheels and tires.
With a base price tag just below $100,000 (2021), the Continental O-200 -powered Ranger R7 LSA features glass-panel technology, optional autopilot and second SkyView screen.
Climbing into the Ranger is slightly challenging. The right leg has to find its way to the other side of the stick, which curves its way from the floor to just above the seat. The rudders adjust, but must be locked with a pin. It would be impossible to adjust once in the seat. Vashon chose a five-point seat-belt system.
The width of the cockpit is nearly 47 inches, about 7 inches wider than the Cessna 172 Skyhawk’s. There is plenty of elbow and shoulder room, and headroom to spare. Additionally, there is massive space behind the seats, which can hold up to 100 pounds as long as you stay below the total weight limit and within the center-of-gravity envelope.
The seats fold nearly flat, providing plenty of space. The oversize windows provide excellent visibility, with a large section on each side that opens up for fresh air or a camera lens. There is no speed limit for keeping the windows open.
Taxiing the Ranger is easy because the castering nosewheel allows for tight turns. Pushrods connect the ailerons and elevator to the stick, and cables control the rudder.
The stick has an electric trim button on top and a trigger on the back for the push-to-talk. Two additional buttons on the grip help switch the standby frequency to the active position on the separate comm unit and ident the ADS-B Out-capable transponder, both of which are Dynon products.
SkyView includes full engine instrumentation, including CHT and EGT gauges for each cylinder, fuel flow, remaining fuel in time and distance, carburetor temperature and more. The system will even warn you if there is potential for carb ice based on the current temperature and dew-point spread. Angle of attack is included along with the standard flight parameters on the PFD.
Flaps are electrically actuated with a button — one push for 20 degrees, then another for 40 degrees. The fuel tanks are contained in removable sections in the wings for easy, quick replacements.
Despite being a clean-sheet design from a brand-new company, the Ranger comes with a three-year warranty.
Vashon is creating its own supply chain by producing the majority of the parts in house, the exception of which are parts such as brake pads, engines and propellers.
The fully loaded Ranger I, with autopilot and two SkyView screens, rolls out of the factory for $114,500. The base model was $99,500 in 2021.
Vashon Ranger R7
Engine: Continental O-200-D, 100 hp
Engine TBO: 2000 hrs
Prop: Catto fixed pitch 2-blade
Wingspan: 29 ft 6 in
Wing area: 135.6 sq.ft
Length: 21 ft 9 in
Height: 8 ft 4 in
MTOW: 1320 lb
Empty weight: 875 lb
Payload: 279.4 lb
Useful load: 445 lb
Max usable fuel: 27.5 USG / 144 lb
Wing loading: 9.7 lb/sq.ft
Power loading: 13.2 lb/hp
Max operating altitude: 12,000 ft
Max ROC: 1035 fpm
Max speed: 120 kt
High cruise: 117 kt
Max range: 430 nm
Stall flaps up: 50 kt
Stall full flap: 46 kt
TO to 50 ft: 1150 ft
Ldg from 50 ft: 1060 ft
Interior width: 46.65 in
Seats: 2
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