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Vought OS2 Kingfisher

Vought XOS2U-1 0951
Built in 1938, the first of two Vought XOS2U-1 (0951 and 1440), the first converted from an O3U-6, were prototypes of the two-place OS2 Kingfisher scouting aircraft. The first to fly was on 1 March 1938, powered by a 450hp P&W R-985-4 engine.
Fifty-four OS2U-1 were built in 1940; 1681-1734, powered by a 450hp P&W R-985-48 engine.
Vought OS2U-1
The OS2U-2 of 1941 had armour and self-sealing fuel tanks One hundred and fifty-eight were built, 2189-2288 and 3073-3130, of which 45 were floatplanes. They were powered by P&W R-985-50 engines.
Vought OS2U-2
In 1941 1006 OS2U-3 were built for the USN and USCG, 5284-5989 and 09393/09692, with 300 additional production by Naval Aircraft Factory as OS2N.
Vought OS2U-3
Despite its role in scouting and rescue missions, OS2U did have its moments. Two of them dive-bombed Japanese troops in the Aleutians and helped sink an enemy submarine there on 15 July 1942, and one was credited with shooting down an attacking Zero over Iwo Jima.
One OS2U-2, 3074, was converted to an XOS2U-4 with wings of narrow chord and high aspect ratio.


OS2U Kingfisher
Wingspan: 35'11"
Length: 33'7"
single-float or wheels
Engine: 450hp P&W R-985-4
Engine: 450hp P&W R-985-48
Wingspan: 35'10"
Length: 33'10"
Speed: 184 mph
Engine: P&W R-985-50
Engine: P&W R-985-AN-8
Useful load: 1890 lb
Speed: 175 mph
Cruise: 116 mph
Range: 810-980 mi
Ceiling: 19.000'
Vought OS2U-2



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