Bartini Stal-8

The Stal-8 was a fighter developed from the preceding Stal-6 experimental aircraft. The Curtiss Conqueror steam-cooled V-12 engine was replaced by an M-100A (licence-built Hispano Suiza 12YBR), this also was closely cowled and defined the maximum sectional area of the fuselage, which transitioned smoothly from nose to tail except for the cockpit which was enlarged to improve the view of the pilot. Two 7.62mm ShKAS machine-guns were to be fitted in the top decking over the engine, synchronised to fire through the propeller.

Construction of the prototype, with steel tube fuselage covered with plywood skinning and steel tube built up wings, with the 'enerzh' double skinned surface-evaporation radiators forming the leading edge skin, back to the main-spars, was approximately 90% finished when the VVS rejected the aircraft on grounds of vulnerability of the cooling system.