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Boshoff SB2



Building the SB2 was started in 1994 by S Boshoff, before the KR2S concept gained momentum. Looking for an aircraft that had better aerodynamic characteristics than the KR2, and the simplicity of the KR2, the SA-CAA granted permission to build an aircraft that was based on the KR2, but they would not allow it to be register as a KR2. Hence the SB2 which has the same wing as the KR2 with a lengthened fuselage and bigger tail areas.

The aircraft had its maiden flight on 23 November 2001.




SN: 1
Engine: Turbo charged VW 2.0 l t
Wing Span: 6150 mm
Length: 5050 mm
Empty weight: 310 kg
MAUw: 545 kg
Vstall: <50 mph
Vcruise: 155 mph
Vne: 190 mph
U/C: Fixed Composite MLG, Steerable NLG





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