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Bearhawk Aircraft Bearhawk LSA 
The prototype Bearhawk LSA N289EH had a Continental A65/75 engine, with an empty weight of 728 lb, with an aluminum prop and no electrics. Barrows estimates that 750 pounds is a realistic empty weight for a builder who works hard to keep the airplane light. With the LSA maximum gross weight of 1320 lbs. (in the utility category), this 2-place LSA has a very respectable useful load. Barrows has said that the airplane is really designed for a max gross weight of 1500 lbs (in utility category), so there is a built-in margin of safety for those who do not have to fly under the LSA rules. The Bearhawk LSA utilizes 4130 Chromalloy tube and fabric along with all-aluminum, flush riveted wings.
The Bearhawk LSA can take off in as little as 200 feet and climb at 1500 ft. per minute and then level off and cruise at 120 mph sipping only 5 gph. Barrows reports an economy cruise speed of about 110 mph sipping only 4 GPH with the Continental C-85 engine. With a 30 gallon tank that gives you over 7 hours in the air. Not many vehicles can do 110 mph only consuming 25 miles per gallon. If you want to get there a bit faster, you can push it up in cruise to 120 mph burning about 5 GPH.
The cabin width is a spacious 31” wide and 97” long. The Bearhawk LSA can be flown with the windows open for taking those perfect aerial photos.
Prices and contents of the Bearhawk LSA kits and components (2014):
Standard QB Kit  -  $30,000 (requires some welding)
Includes: Quick-build Wing Kit
Standard Fuselage
Deluxe QB Kit   -  $36,000 (no welding required)
Includes: Quick-build Wing Kit and Deluxe Fuselage Kit
Quick-build Wing Kit    $15,500  These Wings are sold in an advanced level of completion. The top skin is fully riveted. Fuel tanks are included as are the ailerons.
Standard Fuselage Kit  -  $15,500 -  Some welding is required but the fuselage frame comes fully welded with all of the major attachment fittings welded -  unpainted (includes landing gear and motor mounts)  Also includes Horizontal Stabilizer, Rudder and elevators as well as control sticks and rudder pedals.
Deluxe Fuselage Kit -  $21,500 - ThSame as Standard Fuselage but has all the tbs and the frame is primed and painted.  Includes all pre-cut sheet metal, doors, and frames, fiberglass nosse bowl, tail spring, seat frames, instrument panel blank, etc.

The prices and contents of the kits and components (2014):
QUICK BUILD KIT    $40,500
The Quick-Build Kit is on the FAA 51% approved kit list.
Because the airframe is largely fabric covered and because of the way the FAA constructs its definition of the 51% rule, there is no actual structural fabrication to be done other than completing the riveting of the top skin. This is left partially open so the builder can access and install certain components.
Although all of the wing control surfaces are almost ready to be installed, the builder must install the hinges first and then install them, which is part of the 51% program. The same thing is true of the tail, landing gear, control system, etc: the components are finished but must be installed. Assembly and installation not fabrication.
The Quick-Build does not include windshield, tires and brakes, covering/painting materials, seats, upholstery kits, cables, pulleys and hardware.
Bearhawk LSA
For 2013 - included with the Quick Build Kit
Complete set of plans, with serial number   (Note: If you have purchased plans separately, the kit price will be reduced by $295.)
Fuselage completely finish welded, no welding required. Ready for stringers, cover and systems installation.
Landing gear and tail, completely finished, ready for cover and installation.
Control system completely fabricated, ready to install.
Wings finished, interior primed, with only the top skin which is already drilled and dimpled and ready to be riveted.
Control surfaces assembled, ready to be installed/covered.
Wing Struts with end fittings ready for drilling/installation.
Fuel tanks ready to be installed (aux tanks optional).
Motor mount ready to be installed. Choices are Lycoming 0-320/360, 0-540 and Continental 0-470.
Firewall and boot cowl, ready for trimmimg and assembly (not drilled).
Utility door and float attachment points standard.
The frames for all seats are included. Builder will fabricate seat pans and upholstery.
Wing tips
fuel caps
trim wheel w/chain
aileron cable guards
Flap/Aileron rod end bearings (10)
clear windshield (tinted or UV block extra)
Gerdes brake master cylinders (one set)
Wing tie down rings
Aileron bellcrank bearings (4)
Builders of the Bearhawk LSA can purchase the plans and can purchase some sub-kits or components. 
For More Info and Sales:
Bearhawk Aircraft
PO Box 9018
Austin, TX 78766
Bearhawk LSA
Engine: Continental, 65-100 hp
Wingspan: 34 ft
Length: 22 ft 3 in
Wing area: 170 sq.ft
Gross weight: 1200-1500 lb
Height 3 point: 75 in
Empty weight: 750+ lb
Fuel capacity: 30 USG
Vne: 140 mph
Landing speed: 30 mph
Cruise speed: 100-125 mph
Takeoff roll: 200-400 ft
Fuel burn: 4-6 USG/hr
Range w/res: 650 miles
Cabin width: 31 in
Seats: 2 tandem
Cabin length: 97 in
LSA spec sheet
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