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Broome Le Beau
second aircraft
Ray Broome designed and built two ultralight aircraft in the late 1980s early 1990s based on the Resurgam parameters.
Number one was completed in 1987 as a landplane with a tricycle undercarriage although it was operated on floats for a time. The fuselage of the first aircraft was built solely from fibreglass. It was sold unregistered in 1991 and reconfigured as a taildragger and was still flying in NSW, Australia, as late as mid-2014.
The second aircraft was built in 1992 and took up the registration 10-0046 C/N 2. It was always operated as a floatplane, mostly around the Moreton Bay area until 2008 by which time it had accumulated approximately 330 hours in service.
The fuselages of both aircraft were built on a mould taken from the front section of a damaged Club Libelle glider which inspired the name LeBeau. The composite was 6mm Kevlar foam sandwich. The rear fuselage is an aluminium tube with the tail sections having timber ribs on aluminium spars. The wings similarly have timber ribs with a double sided plywood main spar and plywood nose skin. Wing, rudder and tailplane are covered with Stits aircraft fabric painted in two-pack.
second aircraft
The floats are single skin fibreglass with plywood ribs and sealed flotation chambers. The engine is a 2-stroke, 4-cylinder Konig SD-570, rated at 28hp at 4200 rpm with a toothed belt reduction drive. The propellor is a 3 bladed ground adjustable in pitch. A third nose cone and fuselage was moulded but not taken any further.
second aircraft
The second aircraft was delivered by road to QAM Caloundra by the builder/donor Ray Broome.
second aircraft
Engine: Konig SD-570, 21kW (28hp)
Wing Span: 9.75m / 32ft
Wing Area: 11.89sq m / 128sq ft
Wing Chord: 1.22m / 48in
Wing Section: NACA 4415
Length: 5.64m / 18ft 6in
Height: 1.98m / 6ft 6in
Weight Empty: 150.88kg / 337lb
Weight Loaded/MTOW: 258.55kg / 570lb
Fuel Capacity: 35L / 7.7gal
Max Speed: 105km/h / 65mph
Cruising Speed: 96km/h / 60mph
Initial Climb: 122m/min / 400ft/min
Range: 193km / 120mile
Fuel Consumption: 14L/hr / 3.3gal/hr
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