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Broc Libellule Mk.I


The prototype Libellule - Dragonfly in translation - made its first flight in May 1981, and on the 14 July (a national holiday in France), Bernard Broc flew from Paris to Avignon in almost 7 h, covering the 435 mile (700 km).

This first Libellule was a two-axis machine using a Pterodactyl Fledgling wing and with a monobloc all flying horizontal tail surface, yaw control being by the use of tip rudders. This horizontal tail surface was joined to the fuselage by a tapered circular- section polyester boom which reduced from 8 to 5 inch (20 to 13 cm). The fuselage formed an open cockpit with a large integral wind-shield, also of polyester. The landing gear was tricycle with a steerable nosewheel, main wheel suspension using glass-fibre laminate.

In this form and assisted in its manufacture by Frangois Goethals and Bernard d'Otreppe, the Libellule was put on sale in a small way through Aviasud.

Bernard Broc's Libellule Mkl went out of production at the end of 1982.


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