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Belite SkyDock
In 2015 Belite Enterprises LLC said the finished product of Belite Aircraft’s new ultralight kit, the Belite SkyDock, successfully flew for the first time. According to the company, “James did several runs up and down the runway. As soon as the plane started to climb, he reduced power to stay in ground effect.
Belite’s SkyDock prototype undergoing taxi tests
The SkyDock requires less time to build compared to most aircraft kits, and was designed to make building as easy as possible, according to the company. The parts of the kit are made from fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforcements. The SkyDock is made from CNC-cut wood, foam, and aluminum and the parts of the kit come machine cut and drilled, so there’s no welding required.
For the wings, Belite said the builder has to build the spar, put the ribs in place, and apply glue. The low-wing is completely strutless and is designed for efficiency, low drag, and low speed. The SkyDock also features detachable wings for ease of storage and transport.
The Belite SkyDock is available for preorder for $3,995.
In Belite Aircraft’s SkyDock had been updated with a molded carbon fiber fuselaget. With 60 hp, the SkyDock will cruise at about 120 mph. With 36.5 hp, full-power speeds are expected to be greater than 85 mph.
The cabin features an aluminum spar carry-through and carbon fiber over foam core construction. The low-wing, strutless design allows for easy building and high strength, yet the wings detach for storage or transport.
When configured as an ELSA, the SkyDock has about 500 miles. Configured as an ultralight, maximum full-power cruise is 62 mph.
Kits for the SkyDock are priced to reflect different builder preferences, skills, and pocketbooks. The base airframe kit, which includes pre-molded carbon-fiber skins, is priced at $11,280. A complete kit, which includes a full complement of machined components and all nuts, bolts, and rivets, is priced at $20,675. The Polini Thor 250 36.5-hp engine sells for $4,500.
A limited number of additional delivery positions are available for late 2016 and throughout 2017.
In 2016 The BeLIte carbon fiber prototype aircraft known as SkyDock was offered for sale without reserve, as-is.
Located in La Moille IL, the landing gear were included but not installed, windshield included, but Firewall Forward is not included.
It weighs about 240 pounds on landing gear, without engine.
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