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Corben Junior Ace




The Junior Ace is lightweight, easy to build, fun to fly and requires minimal maintenance. It has been modified from the original Corben Baby Ace so that it can utilize aircraft engines. The fuselage has also been widened, the horizontal stabilizer was modified for easier construction and modern aircraft wheels and brakes are now called for. With nearly a 34 ft wingspan and Clark Y airfoil, the Pober Junior Ace, designed by EAA founding president Paul Poberezny, is docile in stall and landing patterns. Airframe is 4130 steel tubing, wings are all wood and the recommended powerplant is a Continental C-85. Empty weight of the Junior Ace is 750 pounds and gross capacity is 1,320 pounds.
The Pober Junior Ace made its first flight with Captain Bud Judy at the controls. This first flight was successful and displayed the short field capabilities as well as low stall speed - ideal for small airstrips. The drawings for the airplane have full size wing rib drawings and two types of ailerons - the Friess aileron being a bit more responsive and lighter on aileron control. The indicated stall speed with one person on board is approximately 36 mpg. Indicated cruise with the Continental C-85-8 was a little over 80 mph. The Pober Junior Ace is open cockpit. The fuselage is chromoly steel tube, the tail group is chromoly steel tube and flat sheet stock to form ribs. The landing gear is chromoly tube with coil spring shocks. Wings are spruce spars and ribs. Two place side by side.
The kit price in 2009 was US$20950.


Junior Ace E

Junior Ace E
Engine: 85hp.
Span: 26’5”.
Wing area: 112 sq.ft.
Length: 17’9”.
Max wt: 1150 lbs.
Empty wt: 640 lbs.
ROC: 500 fpm.
Cruise: 78 kts.
Seats: 2.

Pober Junior Ace

Engine: Continental C-85, 85 hp.
HP range: 85-125.
Speed max: 130 mph.
Cruise: 80 mph.
Range: 250 sm.
Stall: 38 mph.
ROC: 500 fpm.
Take-off dist: 350 ft.
Landing dist: 450 ft.
Service ceiling: 25,000 ft.
Fuel cap: 12 USG.
Weight empty: 750 lbs.
Gross: 1320 lbs.
Height: 7.33 ft.
Length: 20 ft.
Wing span: 34 ft.
Wing area: 168 sq.ft.
Seats: 2.
Landing gear: tail wheel.

Engine: Lycoming O-235.
Hp range: 65-125.
Wingspan: 26.5 ft.
Length: 17.9 ft.
Wing area: 110 sq.ft.
Empty wt: 700 lbs.
Mtow: 1320 lbs.
Fuel cap: 22 USG.
Cruise: 100 mph.
Stall: 44 mph.
Range: 410 sm.
Roc: 500 fpm.
To dist: 600 ft.
Ldg dist: 300 ft.
Cockpit width: 40 in.

Ace Aircraft Corben Junior Ace Model E

Engine: Continental, Lycoming
Horsepower: 85-120
Propeller: 2 blade metal or wood
Cabin Width: 30 or 36 inches (76 or 91 cm)
Gross Weight: 1320 lbs (600 kg)
Empty Weight: 700 lbs (345 kg)
Useful Load: 620 lbs (270 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 22 USG (83 l)
Wingspan: 26.5 ft (8 m)         
Wing Area: 110 sq.ft (10.2 sq.m)
Wing Loading: 12 lbs/sq.ft (58.6 kg/sq.m)
Overall Length: 18 ft (5.49 m)
Maximum Speed VNE: 113 kt | 130 mph | 209 kmh @ sea level
Cruise Speed: 95 kts
Stall Speed(@ MTOW): 38 kt | 44 mph | 71 kmh
Service Ceiling: 10,500 ft (3,200 m)
Takeoff Distance: 600 ft (183 m)
Landing Distance: 300 ft (91.5 m)
Rate of Climb(gross): 500 fpm
Center Of Gravity Aft Limit: 18.36"
Center Of Gravity Forward Limit:11.88"
Empty Cg: 12.5" To 13.5"
Incidence Angles: Reference: Upper Longeron
Horiz. Stab: 0.0 Degrees
Wing: +1.18 Degrees
Engine: 0.0 Degrees Vert./Hor.
Vertical Fin: 0.0 Deg. (Fuse C/L)
Control Surface Travel Ailerons: 20 Deg. Up/Dn
Elevator: 32 Deg. Up/Dn
Rudder: 27 Deg. L/R
Center Of Gravity Aft Limit=18.36"
Forward Limit=11.88"
Empty Cg= 12.5" To 13.5"
Incidence Angles: Reference= Upper Longeron
Horiz. Stab.= 0.0 Degrees
Wing= +1.18 Degrees
Engine= 0.0 Degrees Vert./Hor.
Vertical Fin= 0.0 Deg. (Fuse C/L)
Control Surface Travel Ailerons: 20 Deg. Up/Dn
Elevator: 32 Deg. Up/Dn
Rudder: 27 Deg. L/R
Landing Gear: FG (tailwheel or trike)
Seats: 2 Side-by-Side

Acro Sport Inc Pober Junior Ace
Engine: Continental C-85, 85 hp
HP range: 85-125 hp
Top speed: 130 mph
Cruise: 80 mph
Stall: 38 mph
Range: 250 nm
Rate of climb: 500 fpm
Takeoff dist: 350 ft
Landing dist: 450 ft
Service ceiling: 25,000 ft
Fuel capacity: 12 USG
Empty weight: 750 lb
Gross weight: 1313 lb
Height: 7.3 ft
Length: 20 ft
Wing span: 34 ft
Wing area: 168 sq.ft
Seats: 2
Undercarriage: tailwheel

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