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  Douglas Flying Club Glider / Flyer / Bomber
Douglas Bomber fall 1910, pilot Charles M. Ford
In 1908 there was a group of eight to nine different people in town known as the Douglas flying club, Arizona … and these people built what was known as the Douglas Glider.
The members of the Douglas flying club were A.M. Williams, John C. Wright, Judge Forte, Ben Goodsell, Felipe Mazon, Ted Bowden, Charles M. Ford and Sparks Y. Faucet.
The glider was built in downtown Douglas and flown off of 15th Street between A and Washington Ave. It’s made most of rattan and bamboo, and metal fittings and fabric that covers over the wings.
Initially, to get the glider off the ground, horses would be attached a hitch on the front of the glider that was then attached to harnesses. The horses would then start running and as the glider began to lift off the ground the hitch would come free from the harnesses. It didn’t fly very far but it did get off the ground.
They had people there watching them do this and after they were done they would pass the hat and people would contribute a little money to it and if they had enough money they would make another run.
That evolved into an airplane when they hung a motor on it and put a propeller on the motor and then put wheels on the glider making it an airplane.
The Douglas Glider in the early 1900's with a motor and wheels.
Following 1908 modifications were made to the Douglas Glider, Schultz said. It would later change its name to the Douglas Flyer then The Douglas Bomber and be used in the Border War from 1910-20.
Estimated wing span: 30 feet
Estimated length: 20 feet
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