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Bailey Aviation B200

The Bailey B200 is a British single cylinder, four valve, four stroke aircraft engine, designed and produced by Bailey Aviation, specifically for paramotors, powered hang gliders, microlights and ultralight aircraft.

The B200 was designed specifically as a more fuel efficient and quieter replacement for small two-stroke engines that are typically used on this class of aircraft. The B200 has a displacement of 200 cc (12.2 cu in), includes standard electric starting and capacitor discharge ignition. It produces 22 hp (16 kW) and drives a propeller through a 3.2:1 gearbox style reduction drive.

Airborne T-Lite

Type: Single cylinder aircraft engine
Displacement: 200 cc (12.2 cu in)
Starting: standard electric
Cooling system: air
Reduction gear: gearbox-type, 3.2:1
Power output: 22 hp (16 kW)



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