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Officine Ferroviarie Meridionaii
Industrie Meccaniche E Aeronautiche Meridionali
Societa Aninima Industrie Aeronautiche Romeo
Societa Anonima Industrie Meccaniche e Aeronautiche Meridionali (SAIMAM)
SA Industre Meccaniche e Aeronautiche Meridionali (IMAM)
Meridionali-Aerfer SpA

As Officine Ferroviarie Meridionaii in 1925, obtained rights to build Fokker aircraft under license, including the C.V., which was fitted with an Italian-built Jupiter engine and known as the Ro.1. Also built Fiat biplanes. In 1934 Societa Aninima Industrie Aeronautiche Romeo was formed to take over the aeronautical activities of Meridionali, but within two years there was another change of name to Societa Anonima Industrie Meccaniche e Aeronautiche Meridionali (SAIMAM).

Meridionali-Aerfer SpA succeeded Societa Aninima Industrie Aeronautiche Romeo, and became part of Societa Italiana Ernesto Breda group.

Indigenous types of aircraft were produced including the Ro.37 and 45 reconniassance biplanes, the Ro.41 single-seat fighter, and the Ro.43 two-seat fighter seaplane.

The Ro.37 two-seat reconnaissance biplane served October 1936 with Italian Aviacion Legionaria during Spanish Civil War and equipped Italian Air Force reconnaissance units during Second World War. Also used operationally were Ro.43 two-seat, single-float catapult seaplane and single-seat fighter version, Ro.44.

The biplanes produced in the mid-’thirties by the Societâ Anonima Industrie Aeronautiche Romeo enjoyed con-siderable success, being exported to a variety of countries ranging from Afghanistan to Uruguay, seeing considerable operational service in the Spanish Civil War and the campaign in Ethiopia, and soldiering on, al-though beset by total obsolescence, into WWII. Although their manufacturer had changed its designation to SA Industre Mec-caniche e Aeronautiche Meridionali (IMAM) in 1936, and adhered to wire-braced and be-strutted for the Regia Aeronautica, which, in the popular press, were often referred to as “Romeos”. In fact, the “Ro” prefix was to be retained by IMAM for all aircraft produced by the organisation throughout its existence.


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