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Arado Ar.95

The Ar 95 developed as a naval torpedo-bomber and reconnaissance biplane for use from a proposed German aircraft carrier. The first prototype (built as a twin-float seaplane) first flew in 1936 and was followed by other seaplane and landplane prototypes, differing in engines fitted.



The landplanes featured heavily trousered main landing gear legs. A change of direction led to the delivery of six aircraft to Spain, where they fought during the late stage of the Civil War. Six Ar.95 landplanes and seaplanes were exported to Chile in 1939, and those built for Turkey were retained for use by the Luftwaffe.

Ar 95A
Wingspan: 12.5 m / 41 ft 0 in
Length: 11.1 m / 36 ft 5 in
Height: 5.2 m / 17 ft 1 in
Wing area: 45.4 sq.m / 488.68 sq ft
Take-off weight: 3570 kg / 7871 lb
Empty weight: 2450 kg / 5401 lb
Max. speed: 309 km/h / 192 mph
Cruise speed: 253 km/h / 157 mph
Ceiling: 7300 m / 23950 ft
Range: 1100 km / 684 miles



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